Coral Sea

Type: Glass Bottom Motor Cruiser

Size: 63 feet

Capacity: 100 passengers

Cost: $550/hr up to 60 people - $25 each additional passenger

Coral Sea is our most versatile glassbottom boat. With her floor panels raised, she is easily able to accomodate over 60 people around her glass bottom for a beautiful view of the undersea world. Drop the panels and create a large, spacious carpeted lower deck perfect for anything from a sit-down dinner to a cocktail cruise. This combined with her partially shaded upper deck and adjustable seating options provides a great deal of space that can be customised to suit your needs.

In addition to this, you have the advantage of a great sound system, two bathrooms with household toilets, lighting for any mood, a full bar, and a swim platform with ladder. This means that as well as glassbottom tours and daytime charters such as swimming, sightseeing, or as a transport vessel, the Coral Sea can also glam up and become a great venue for a wide variety of evening activities as well.

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